31 Day Blogging Challenge: A Misplaced Effort?

So, I started writing a blog post a day about a month ago. I gave myself a 31 Day Blogging Challenge and was living up to my claim until 26th of the month. I tried to make up for the missed day on the next day with three posts. And now I am just a day away from officially claiming that I completed the 31 Day Blogging Challenge.

But the question that popped in my mind was this: “Did I misplace my productivity experiment?

Probably Yes.

What Hustlepuff Is About

The main purpose of Hustlepuff is to help out young entrepreneurs and web designing novices in their quest of website development, email marketing, and digital footprint in general. Even though I am not an expert in every field that Hustlepuff caters in. The goal of this venture is to grow my skills with time and document it every step of the way.

The content categories that I have in mind for this website include Web Design Tutorials, Tool Recommendations, DIY Guides, and Business Motivations. A few sprinkles of Productivity tips and Business Logs here and there are also among the planned content.

The medium of content that I have planned include YouTube, and Blog along with the social media.

The Content So Far

The content that I wrote on the blog during the 31 Day Blogging Challenge was beating around the bush from the above categories, but lacked quality. I can not believe that this was the content that I wrote. Each and everyone of these content pieces was ill prepared and ill executed.

I was impressed with myself regarding the kind of topics that popped in my head while writing the posts, but the content in them was way disappointing.

From the 31 Blog posts that I have written so far, I can’t say with confidence that even 2 or 3 are of the quality that I intend to deliver.

To add to the insult, some of the blog posts are not even 4 paragraphs long. I wrote them because I had to, and not because I was feeling like it.

So, The Purpose Got Defeated?

Definitely Not.

The main purpose of this challenge was to redevelop the writing habit. Even though I did not like the content that I wrote. I liked the fact, that I wrote.

And the quality of content so far is not any factor in determining the quality of upcoming content. So I don’t see any way in which the challenge stands defeated in purpose. (Apart from the use of words in this sentence).

What Happens With The Content So Far?

Most probably, it won’t be visible directly on the website. At least not all of it. Some posts, that were good, and are worth sharing, will find a place in the main blog posts, but the rest will be archived.

They will still be on the website and can be accessed with a simple search. I just wouldn’t share them on top of the pages. And I think that is fair.

I plan to give much better content in terms of quality and value in the coming weeks, months and years. I hope you all will support me in my journey ahead.

If you’d like to get notifications of upcoming posts, sign up in the form below. And please do share your comments in the comments section below. See ya.

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