/A person full of determination and intent, to make himself/herself/themselves a better version of themselves, to make their dream come true

//”You are a Hustlepuff!”

What is Hustlepuff

Hustlepuff as you might have decoded by now is a wordplay to combine the word ‘Hustle’ and ‘Hufflepuff’.

‘HUSTLE’ is a word extremely popular, yet sometimes misunderstood. But at its core, it is a philosophy of never giving up, until you achieve your goals, until you realise your dream, until you overcome your hurdles. Inspired by the extremely motivating videos of Gary Vee, this website is an ode to this philosophy.

Every Potterhead knows, Hufflepuff was the Hogwarts House, which was all about ‘Patience’, ‘Dedication’ and ‘Loyalty’. The most hardworking of the students were a part of Hufflepuff.

And That made me think, what if we combine the never giving up attitude of Hustling with the patience and dedication of a Hufflepuff. That gives the perfect recipe for success. Doesn’t it?

All of us behind the pages of Hustlepuff, deeply believe in these values, and I am sure, you, the one reading this, are also like us. Welcome to the clan.

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