Am I Capable to Help Businesses?

Alright, so yesterday’s blog post discussed in brief that this website will be focussed on helping small business owners and individuals like me who want to build their own websites. But the question that must be boggling your mind(if not, it should pop in your mind), would be this: “Is Niket capable to help businesses? How can small businesses get any value from a person like Niket? After all, all he has done so far is write, recite, perform, and make movies.”

Well, you are partly true if you think so.

Artist By Nature, Explorer by Habit

I am an artist by nature. This is a well known fact that has often been noticed by people around me. And I am comfortable being noticed as an Artist. However, I would like to use this post as a medium to let you know another aspect of my personality.

Being a younger sibling, I was often the recipient of used toys that my brother no longer needed. And from what I hear from my family, I was not very kind to those toys. I used to take the toys, observe closely, find out a way to open it, and see how it works. Even though my brother did not need those toys, he still felt bad for the fate they received from my hands.

My curiosity in knowing how something works, has not stopped yet. I still find things that amuse me, and I set myself into the deep exploration of how it works. (Perhaps, this is why I procrastinate so much on YouTube, just trying to learn new stuff, which I may not even need).

And to add salt to the taste, I am gifted with somewhat decent learning speed and retention capabilities (Did I mention I am also a teacher?). This helps me to confidently claim that I have reasonable expertise in basic to semi-advanced web designing. I still am constantly learning and practising to constantly increase my knowledge in the field.

But not to worry. I will not stop my artistic ventures anytime soon(basically never).

Is Niket Qualified or Experienced Enough?

Nope and nope. I am not academically qualified to be called a web designer. I did not opt for Computer Science in my high school years, and I have started playing with web-scape just 4-5 years ago. However, I have it in my agenda to get certified for various web skills from reputed organisations.

And the thing about Experience is, ‘enough’ is a subjective term. Also, comparative in some sorts. If I have to advice or help someone create the new amazon – No I am not experienced or knowledged enough. But if one wants to set up a pretty looking blog, or a small ecommerce store – I am your man.

But is he Capable? Is he Worthy?

Well, I am and I am not. I am positive I will help you out with your needs, and I am also skeptic that there will be scenarios where I might not know what to do. But when that case arises, I will flex my learning muscle and get back to you with a solution or a suggestion.

So to know whether I am worthy or not, just throw me the hammer, and see if I catch it.

P.S.: I am not this clumsy.

To Conclude

Initially I had in mind to explain about my other ventures in today’s post. But I started writing and I thought let’s pitch myself in this post. I will tell about other businesses in coming posts. Some of you might have found the article unimportant, and few of you might have found it valuable. To conclude the post, I would like to tell you all that if you, or any of your friends and family members are looking for making a website or redesigning an old one, you can contact me by emailing me at or fill out the form on our Contact page.

If you do not want to miss out on any of the blog posts that I write here, you can sign up for the email newsletter from the below form.

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