Challenge Completed! A Roundup of the Challenge

For those who do not know, I gave myself a challenge in the beginning of this month. A challenge to write a post every day, for 31 days. For the whole month I was supposed to write a blog post on this website. And today is the last date of that challenge.

And as I have mentioned before, I actually skipped a day of writing because I forgot to write. But then I made up for the laziness of mine, and wrote three posts the next day. So, to be boastful, my 31 posts were completed yesterday, but the day 31 is now. So I write today.

Would all this make this challenge a success or not? I do not know to be honest. But if we talk whether it fulfilled it purpose? Then I will say definitely it did.

I was supposed to write everyday to inculcate a habit in me. A habit of writing regularly. A habit that I possessed 4 years ago, but the practice got lost somewhere in the life, but now I have it back because of this challenge.

Thank You All

I would like to thank all 4 of you reading this post. If it wasn’t for you, I would still be writing these posts. Because I was mainly writing them to build a habit. But when you like, comment and reply on these posts, it feels really good. So please sometimes, try and make me feel good. I thank you all for being there. Thank you.

What next?

Now is the fun part. I will not be writing every day blog posts from now. Because instead of quantity of blog posts, I want to focus on the quality of those blog posts. I hope to provide you with loads and loads of value. You can expect at least a post every week. Stay subscribed for future updates. If not already subscribed, fill the form below to subscribe.

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