Weekly Round Up July 1 to July 7

Hustle Log – Day 07 – Weekly Round-Up Report

The first week is up and I must say, it was a rather slow week against as I was expecting to be, full of energy and excitement. Well, I was excited, but not as much as I was expecting myself to be. In this post, I will be writing a brief summary of what Hustlepuff and I have been up to for the whole week. Also, starting today, every week I will be writing a Weekly Update Report as a part of my ‘Hustle Log’ series. So here we go with the Weekly Round-Up Report Episode 1 (July 1 to July 7).

Every week I’ll be reporting what all was done, what was great and what needs some work to be done on it.

What Was Done?

1. I Pushed a Long Pending Website Live

Yes, I did! And not one, but two of them. I was holding on to the thought of starting Hustlepuff for a really long time now. And finally, I decided to press my food on the gas pedal. And I wish to steer it through all the way on the sweet road of the world wide web for as long as I can see.

Apart from Hustlepuff, I also pushed my first Client Site live. ‘Speaking Stones’ is a brand that is all about art and craft. They are working really dedicatedly towards the purpose of making people aware of Indian Traditional Art and in the process, make art financially feasible for the artists too. That somehow is a very close resemblance to the fundamental concept behind Kalaeco(one of my other ventures, which will be relaunching in about a week).

2. I Troubleshooted A Couple of Folks’ Websites

I am a part of a group on Facebook where fellow website creators interact with each other, and helped out a couple of different creators who were facing some issues with their websites. One of them even gave us a generous review on our Facebook page.

3. I wrote a Blog Post for 7 Days Straight

That’s right! I am so far doing good in the challenge I gave to myself. I wrote for 7 days straight! This is a BIG achievement for me to be honest. For some time now, I had started thinking that I shouldn’t have stopped writing regularly for Swudzy. Since I stopped it, I never developed the habit. But now, it seems I am getting back in form.

Things I Need To Work On

1. Punctuality

I have written every day for the past week. But my writing got completed around the 11 PM mark for 3 out of the 7 days and around 8-9 PM for the remaining days. I need to work on them. I should be ideally having the final draft of the blog by 2-3 PM, so I can publish it and share it by around 4 PM.

2. Time Management

In the macro sense too, I need to manage my time better. I consistently am accomplishing less that I plan for every day. I need to change it. I need to finish off my work in the planned time. And I am pretty positive I can do it.

3. Temer Management

In the past week, I have lost my cool at various moments. In the heat, I shouted at a few close people. Very uncharacteristic of me, but I decode it to be arising out of lack of self-management. I will be working on that too.

What Next?

The coming week, I plan to restart a few ventures, add more value to the current ventures and venture into a few unchartered roads.

1. Kalaeco Revamp

I plan to revamp and relaunch Kalaeco very soon.

2. Finish off the Second Client Site

I have been working on another client site. This one is for an NGO working for children and disabled. I wish to launch their website in a week too. I am pretty positive it is achievable and the next weekly report will have a mention of the same too.

3. Try my hands at marketing

I will be trying out my hand at promoting my ventures. I plan to do so organically for a few weeks before getting into paid ads. And hence, I will actively be engaging more with you all on all the social handles of my businesses.

4. Hustle More

I will be working more, better and efficiently. There is only one way to oil up the machinery of productivity, and that is by regular friction of hard work and hustle. And that I will do starting this week.

A few more stuff here and there is also on my list. So, I will be working on all of them. You guys keep reading this space for more content about WordPress, productivity and business development logs.

I will really appreciate if you can drop in a few words of advice or appreciation in the comments below. Also, you can subscribe for latest blog updates from Hustlepuff.

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