I Failed! But Let’s Make Up For It.

I was supposed to blog for straight 31 days. I went on to do it for 25 days. Some days (most of them, actually), the blog post was more like a sentence (not exactly). But, it was a blog post nevertheless. But, I failed. I forgot to post yesterday. That is right. I ‘FORGOT’ to post! That is a really bad thing on my part. And a major failure on my productivity systems.

But let me take this opportunity to discuss my views on failure.

The Definition of Failure

You decide something, you set a target, and you make efforts to reach that target.

Failure is not when you do not reach that target.

Failure is when you stop making efforts to reach that target.

A lot of people may understand failure differently. How I understand it, is, as a part of the process. You have to make errors to understand the loopholes of your system. You have to make blunders to understand how not to make blunders again. And you have to fail, to learn new ways to try.

Wow! That was a bunch of Super Preachy Sentences up there. Wasn’t it?

Be it.

(These are some really short paragraphs I am writing in today’s post.)

But I do believe in it. I believe that I am bound to fail, sooner or later. So why not fail sooner than later? #LetsFail

Also, there is a philosophy of ‘Fail Fast’ (or something similar) that we will probably discuss in a later post. Not this one.

I Failed. Now what?

I broke a rule. I failed. I could not go on for 31 days (actually, not even 26) of everyday writing. That is a major fail on my part.

So what happens to the challenge? I failed it, so should it still go on?

I don’t know. You tell me. I would like to see it as a stumble before I reach the finish line in a race. I might have gotten left behind. But I am still on the course, am I not?

I would love to take this as a learning and move forward with it. Of course, I wouldn’t call this challenge to be a ‘success’. I won’t say that I ‘won’ the challenge.

But, I will complete the challenge.

What about the making up part?

Yes. I said that I will make up for failing to post yesterday. So here I am announcing the self-assigned redemption task.

Since I did not post yesterday, I will post twice today. Well, that is a little obvious you say? Okay, I will make it three times. Three posts for the day!!

(This one right now, that you are reading, is the first one of the three)

Also, since I did not post yesterday (wow! a lot of usage of that phrase today). I will not mark this post as Day 26. Instead, I will make it Day 27.1. (And the subsequent posts will be Day 27.2 and Day 27.3 respectively.)

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