One Step At A Time – Taking Things Slow(Or Sprinting Through?)

This is a brand new blog. Just Day 10. And not a lot of people know about it. In such a case, I guess it is not unnatural to feel that it might not turn out the way I have imagined it to be after a point. But while it is natural, I think it is unfair. Unfair to the blog. Unfair to myself. Unfair to my vision of the blog being a success. And in all this, I can only motivate myself so much to just keep walking One Step at a time. Also, what if I am too slow to be able to scale after a point? Let’s ponder.

What Exactly Is The Issue?

It is a simple problem. To go for building a base? Or to go for the speed from the beginning. Every small business must have had this question popped in the mind of the owner. What should be the priority for a business, the foundation, or the rapid revenue? The choice is simple for me, but I shouldn’t be the ideal sample for understanding the issue.

I will try my best to layout both the perspectives before you all, and then we will try to understand, which one is the best suited for us and our business.

In Favour of The Sprint

A business lives in the environment. And thanks to the rapid Millenial speed, the environment changes rapidly. For instance, one day I was happily thinking about the prospects of doing a salaried job and fueling my business with my salary, through ad spends. And the next day I was stocking up supplies for my home as we were under lockdown and the city borders were sealed.

In such times, it is important for a business to live in the ‘now’. Thinking about laying down the foundation for the long life of business often seems like a waste of time. As they say, Business Planning is the most important but a futile process.

So what makes the most sense is to jump heads first in the current moment and fuel a campaign with all possible resources till it starts giving results.

In Favour of One Step At A Time

Not all businesses have the luxury to give all into a campaign. The risk of failure may be similar for two businesses, but the impact of failure may vary from business to business. Risking the failure might not be an option for some small businesses and creators. It is important for them to take it slow and scale later.

Plus, taking it slow also helps the businessman reflect on his past and prospective decisions to get a better understanding of the issues at hand and react accordingly.

My Preferred Approach

I personally am a One Step at a time person. More so because I don’t have many resources to effectively capitalise the sprint potential. But regardless, I stand by the idea of walking till you can afford running shoes. Maybe, I will change my approach at a point in future. But for now, I will leave you with this song by Vaibhav Bandhoo from TVF Pitchers. It pumps me every time. One Step At A Time.

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