Here’s To Starting A New Journey

Now is the time to take another small step to start a big journey. It is highly probable that you are one of the viewers of the Instagram Weekly Live video that I do on my personal Instagram page (@NiketSays). And most probably you already know about The 31 Day Blogging Challenge. But for the small possibility that you have stumbled upon this page, without any prior interaction with me, or my work, or my social pages, I will introduce myself.

My name is Niket. I am a Jack of all trades. I mostly take my jab at poetry recitation and filmmaking. But those are not my only interests. I am also a commerce graduate and I happen to love the seemingly boring subject of Accountancy. I teach accountancy to students at the high school level (not at the schools, though. I am not academically qualified to teach at schools). This website, however, is not about any of those interests.

The Backstory

Back in 2015, I decided to leave my job as an Assistant Faculty at a reputed coaching institute in my city, and start my own small business. I was clear about what to do – ‘Make Movies’. I was however, not sure about the ‘how’ part. I always wanted to make movies. Like, since I was a child. I watched movies on Doordarshan, and often I found myself in the world that is portrayed on the screen. As a matter of fact, one of the first memories that I have as a child is laughing with the full theatre while watching a pigeon shit on the bald head of Dilip Tahil’s character in the movie ‘Ishq’. That was hilarious.

So, I was saying that I always wanted to make movies. I started studying the CA curriculum with the motive of becoming a CA > Doing a Job > Starting a Private Practice > Making Lots of Money and Connections > Make movies with the money and through the connections. But after failing multiple times at one of the subjects in the 2nd of the 3 exam stages, I realised, I am wasting too much time setting up the ladder, let alone climbing it. So, I decided what every sane person wouldn’t. I decided to kick the ladder away, and started jumping towards my destination. I thought If I kept on jumping, I will eventually develop the thrust to reach my dreams. Huh!

Kicking of Swudzy Studios

That whole theory was based on the presumption that I will keep on practising making short movies until I perfect my craft and start making money. But neither did I have money to produce, nor an audience to show the movie to. I decided developing an audience through writing movie reviews on my own website.

There started the process of developing the dream, a movie studio, which will start from a movie-blog, and slowly grow into a lavish studio with world class equipment and talents. I emptied my piggy bank to arrange money for the domain name “”(it has a small story too, some other day), and a web-hosting package by Bigrock. And I began exploring the world of Website Design.

A New Interest

The dream of Swudzy Studios is still alive, but a little modified. But what I want to talk about here, is the web-designing part.

I launched the website of on 29th February 2016 (Yess!!! Leap Day Baby!!!). It has been 4 years and 4 months to that. And since then, I have made over half a dozen websites and helped out/troubleshot about half a dozen other websites. I love this job. And this became the 4th big interest after poetry, filmmaking and teaching.

What is Hustlepuff?

Hustlepuff Designs was initially planned as a web design business venture. But now, I envision web design as only one part of the idea of Hustlepuff. I faced a lot of troubles bootstrapping and DIYing my first website. I want to help others like me by sharing my experiences with them. I want Hustlepuff to be the go-to place where beginner small business owners and aspiring webmasters can come to get inspired and channelled.

I will speak more about Hustlepuff in coming posts. But for now, I will talk about the Blogging Challenge.

The 31 Day Blogging Challenge.

Back in the first year of Swudzy Studios launch. I used to watch around 2-3 movies every week and wrote a review for them. I also wrote trailer reviews, and music reviews. (I don’t write reviews for movies/trailers/music anymore). I also suggested a short movie every week on my website. So all in all, I wrote a lot of blog posts.

But it has been a long time since I wrote a blog post for any of my businesses. I liked writing these blog posts, but first I got too busy, and then procrastination engulfed me into her arms, stopping me from writing a post again.

So, finally, I decided to regrease my typing muscles and tightened my thinking screw, to start writing again. But I wanted an external motivation to stop me from falling back to procrastination. So I gave myself a PUBLIC CHALLENGE. ‘The 31 Day Blogging Challenge’. From today, for the next 31 days, i.e., the month of July, I will be writing and publishing a blog post DAILY.

I am pretty positive that I will complete this, but I need your support. I want you all to share this blog post and the posts that will come daily, make them reach far, and make this challenge much more serious for me. In turn, I will make sure to make these blog posts more and more engaging, entertaining, and more valuable to you every day. To get regular updates about this website, sign up for the newsletter below.

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