The Good News Conundrum

About a couple of days back, I mentioned to you all about a piece of potential good news that is about to knock on my doors. Well, it has knocked. Now what I am thinking is should I tell everyone? or wait till the news actually enters the room of life? Let Us Call this the Good News Conundrum.

The first thing that comes to my mind when I think of a Conundrum is The Big Bang Theory. And what I understand of the word is that it signifies a confusion and a dilemma where there are as low as two choices and both have merits. And there is no way you can objectively decide on something.

I think it is the correct way to explain Conundrum, but hey! I am no grammar geek.

What is the dilemma

I think a lot of fellow introverts find this as an issue. We talk to fewer people. and we talk less. So when there is a piece of good news, that you feel like sharing, there aren’t many people around. And when that is not an option, you feel uncomfortable with the thought of sharing your life with someone whom you do not meet every day.

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