The Kalaeco Chronicles – 2 – Big Plans or Khayali Pulaav

While working on the Kalaeco Relaunch, I stumbled upon an idea. An idea which might boost the reach and relatability of Kalaeco to a larger audience and target base. But if done wrong, might just be a dud. I do not want to disclose the idea just yet. Maybe in tomorrow’s Instagram Live? Let’s see. However, Today, in this post, we will discuss that feeling. The butterflies in the Stomach when a big idea strikes you. Are you planning big or just trying to cook the imaginary pasta, or as us Indians call it, Khayali Pulaav.

The Potential

You obviously think that the idea has the potential to go big. It can skyrocket your venture to new heights. You have that good kind of butterflies in your stomach and bubbles in your lungs. (Or Not, it might just be me and my acidity). Bottom line, you are really hopeful that your idea will go through. It has the potential to be a success.

But, you thought the same for all current and past plans about your venture. What makes this plan special?

On a side note, you might have noticed I am using the words ‘you’ a lot. That is just to act as a metaphor for all creators like me. So, if you did not have a big idea so far, do not write so in the comments below. (Or do write, I love reading your comments anyway).

Back to the question, what makes this plan special? Something? Or or perhaps nothing. You don’t have a concrete answer just yet.

Now is (Not?) The Time

To top the above question, there is a variable of time attached to every big decision as well. Do you think that this is the time to act on your idea? Or are you absolutely sure that anytime else can be no worse?

In my case, I already have a lot on my plate as I mentioned in this post. So, adding another thing in the mix can most probably lead to huge chaos in your work-life. But what about the potential of the idea? You might not succeed if you go with it, but you will definitely not succeed if you do not go with it.

What do I do?

I normally take ages in deciding, and sometimes it turns out to be late. (Like Steve Rogers waking from his 70 years long sleep). I sometimes wonder whether Munir Niyazi’s ‘Humesha Der…’ is written for me/

But in this case, I think I am going for it. This decision is being taken on the 14th of July 2020. I am not in my perfect senses, But most of my senses are active. And even though I am sleepy, I will say that I want to go through with this idea. What the idea is, we will discuss in a later post. Till then, why don’t you fill-up the form below to receive the latest updates from Hustlepuff?

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