The Kalaeco Chronicles – 3 – Save The Date!

Woohoo!! There is a date. We are announcing the date of Kalaeco Relaunch today. And the date is… wait! I shouldn’t tell the date at the beginning of the post. But hey! you will anyhow skip to the date so why not tell now? It is the 22nd of July(Revised from 19th July). Exactly 7 days from now.

Before I go ahead with this post, take a look at today’s IGTV Live session : The Wednesday Weekly Live – Episode 3.


Video Summary

Alright, so if you decided to skip the video, this is what I talk about in it. I have made one two announcement and one update of the past week.

The update was about the website of Speaking Stones that I talked about in this blog post of mine.

The next was an announcement about the launch date of Kalaeco and another one was about a new show called ‘Kalaeco Creators’ Corner‘.

The Launch Date

As I mentioned in the first paragraph of this post, the re-launch of Kalaeco is scheduled at about 7 PM on 22nd July 2020. It is exactly 4 days from now. And I am really excited as well as nervous thinking about it. I have so many thoughts revolving around it, that I really would have to write a separate post about it. (Maybe I will write another post for it).

The funny thing is this, that I am still at the rebuilding and restructuring phase of the Relaunch process that I discussed in my last few posts.

Completing the whole process in 4 days is going to be a challenge. A challenge that I am hopeful I will accomplish with flying colours(or even without colours. Colours is not important, accomplishing is. #Effectiveness).

Kalaeco Creators’ Corner

Okay, while writing this title here, I am confused about the use of the apostrophe. Should it be “Kalaeco Creator’s Corner” or “Kalaeco Creators’ Corner” Should I add an apostrophe to Kalaeco and make it it “Kalaeco’s Creator(‘)s(‘) Corner”?

Or should I skip the apostrophe altogether and make it “Kalaeco Creators Corner”? It is really confusing despite being so small as an issue. I really need suggestions from you guys for the same. Should I change the name itself? I am open to name suggestions.

Anyway, it is going to be a weekly/biweekly show, broadcasted over YouTube for video and as a podcast on major podcast platforms. Each episode will see me interviewing a creator and discussing with him the ins and outs of his journey. I am hopeful, this will help a lot of creators that watch/listen to it.

Winding Up

Ending today’s post, I would like to say that please keep supporting me like you all are already supporting. I will need your support to steer through the uncertainties with confidence. And apart from all that, for updates about Hustlepuff and other ventures of mine, subscribe to the Hustlepuff newsletter from the form below. See Ya!

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