Oopsie! – The Kalaeco Chronicles – A Small Delay

Yes! you read it right. The stuff that I was talking about, ‘A Tight Timeline’ eventually proved so true. Today was the scheduled launch of Kalaeco. But some factors out of my control, and an impromptu and urgent photoshoot compelled me to postpone the website launch by a day.

I was all set, tasks laid out back to back to ensure the evening 7 PM launch today. My fingers were set on the keyboard, and that’s when my phone rang and my associate cameraperson told me that today he has a set of flashlights that we needed for a product shoot. If rented, the lights would have costed us another ₹1000 or so. So, we planned that we will complete the photoshoot and then come back to the website work.

We decided to apportion 3 hours of the day’s time for photoshoot and thought it would give me enough time to work on Kalaeco’s site. But alas! How wrong was I?

What was planned as a 3 hour shoot, took almost 5 hours. And we started a couple of hours late. So it took 7 hours in total in place of 3 hours.

The lucky factor was that I was working on the website in the next room as I was not actively required in the shoot today. But, working on someone else’s laptop slows down the fingers to a large extent. And hence, there was a speed delay. There were a couple of hiccups here and there too. But the important factor is this, that we completed a shoot, and I decided to shift the re launch of Kalaeco by a day.

The new re-launch date is 22nd July (Monday). 7 PM.

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