The Solopreneur Approach – To Partner Or Not To Partner

When I started 4 years ago, I was a just a blogger. I bought my own tickets to watch movies, came home and wrote reviews for them, and throughout the week, searched for ways to write content for my webite. Later I found a few like minded friends and made a few short movies and a short web series. But, that was just on a project basis. I joined hands with one of my friends from the poetry circle for my second venture ‘Kalaeco Creations’. But over a year later, I am back being a one man army. Why do I prefer to be a solopreneur? I will discuss below.

What is a Solopreneur?

You all must have heard about the term ‘Entrepreneur’ a lot. An entrepreneur is a person who finds his passion in making and growing businesses. He is the one who leads the team from the front and is often accompanied by like minded people, with different expertise.

But, what if a person does not have a core team, and does almost every task by himself. That right there, is what a Solopreneur is. A person who walks the path of an entrepreneur, but solo. Hence, it can be referred to as a subset of the concept of ‘entrepreneur’.

Now, don’t get me wrong. A Soloprneur can definitely have employees and departments in his business. But he does not have to wait for approvals and consents to take his decisions.

The Benefits of Solopreneurship

To a person like me, who keeps a close friend circle and generally does not play well with others, Solopreneurship is really very benefitial. Some of the major benefits are:


A Solopreneur does not have to wait for anybody to do their job so that you can continue yours, leaving behind a room for efficiency.

Quick Decision Making

The ability to take decisions quickly is a great achievement. And just for disclaimers ‘Rash decisions’, and ‘Quick decisions’ are separate.


Just in case your decisions don’t pan out as expected. you can change your approach easily without long discussions with your partners

Case against Solopreneurship

Solopreneurship is not all fun and games though. The solopreneur has to manage everything alone.

Extensive workload

Having no one to share your work load is a bummer. There is a saturation point of a day’s productivity and having someone to work with you is a benefit. Also, it gives great boost to the business, if their are two names associate with it.

Lack of Counsel

Entrepreneurs can be really restless when they have to make major decisions. And in those times, having a partner or a cofounder who is genuinely understanding your issue and provide a possible solutions for it.


While I have a lot to discuss. My day has come to an end and I am realllly tired. I will probably update this post sometime tomorrow to add more value in it for you goys. Till then, stay tuned.

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