This Week We Talk Kalaeco – Launch Coming Soon

In my last Insta Live (now an IGTV Video) I discussed about relaunching Kalaeco soon. And today I will declare when the new Kalaeco will be available for the users. But before that, have a look at last week’s Insta Live.


What is Kalaeco?

Kalaeco is the web face of Kalaeco Creations Private Limited, A company that I formed with a friend of mine. The main purpose of this company was to allow Creators to exhibit their content without having to pay for it. It was intended to bridge the gap between Art Lovers and Artists. ( A Similar concept to Speaking Stones, but for performing arts). We started out with a few branches namely,

  1. Kalaeco Publishers: The Book Publishing wing of Kalaeco, where we published and sold books of independent author, without asking them to pay for anything.
  2. Kalaeco Store: The most important part of the Kalaeco Family, the part that generated some revenue.
  3. Literaura: The World news and updates blog, which focussed a lot on Creativity and Art as well.
  4. Swudzy: The Cinema departmet od Kalaeco. It was started before Kalaeco and was merged into it.

Current Scenario

Now, Literaura is no longer connected to Kalaeco and hence not a lot is being discused about in this post. Swudzy is not a part of Kalaeco as it did not align well with rest of the Kalaeco group.

The Publishing part of Kalaeco is still active and we plan on releasing more books this year and in the years coming. If any of you is interested in getting their book published, please contact us via Kalaeco’s book firm (not working right now as Site is in Maintanance). You can also contact Kalaeco through their email ID ‘info@kalaeco.com’.

Kalaeco Store

Kalaeco Store is an integral part of the Kalaeco group and is the thing that has the most impact on the revenue stream of Kalaeco. What are the kinds of products that you can find ok Kalaeco Store will be discussed upon in coming posts.

The Timeline of Launch.

This post is being written on 12th of July 2020. And as a target, I give myself 5 days to relaunch the website, i.e., pm 17th July. Hopefully you will soon see an all new face of Kalaeco.

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