What is Hustlepuff all about?

Okay, it is the third day of the 31 Day Blogging Challenge, and so far I am doing okay. I am a little late in posting today’s post. But I am posting it today nonetheless. However, I plan on being more punctual this point forward. This post anyway, is not about punctuality. It is about the basic concept and idea about and around Hustlepuff.

What is with the name?

Growing up, I was exposed to Harry Potter, the movie series. My friends at the school were severe Potterhead as they used to read all the books in the Harry Potter series. Even though I did not read all the books, I did see the movies, and later, read a lot about the Potterverse. I even enrolled myself at the Wizarding World too. And guess which house I was sorted in……


Yes. That’s right. I am a Hufflepuff. And a proud Hufflepuff. Because when I read about them (before getting sorted, that too), I was really impressed by the qualities of a Hufflepuff. They are the most hardworking, sincere and resourceful people in the Wizarding World.

It was about that time only that I was thinking about creating a website like this. And my mind began connecting dots. Many qualities of a Hufflepuff also apply to the entrepreneurial mindset. And I decided to name this website Hustlepuff, as a mix of the word ‘Hustle’ and ‘Hufflepuff’.

The Idea behind Hustlepuff

I started making websites at the end of 2015. And while I was setting up the website(we are talking about the first website I made – ‘Swudzy.com'(it is now a much better-designed website)), I started noticing some really easy to ignore mistakes that I was repeatedly doing. As I mentioned in my first post on this website, I consider myself a quick learner, and I quickly understood and resolved my mistakes. I faced a lot of issues such as hosting troubles, unsupportive support staffs etc. I was patient enough(people who know me know how patient I am, no kidding), and eventually figured stuff out.

But during and after all that, I started wondering if all people find it difficult or some find it easy to steer through too? And I came to a conclusion that even if some people find it alright. Website creation and proper setup can be a little overwhelming for a large section of people. One may not be as technologically fluent, as is required by the world of website creation.

So I decided to help these people.

How will Hustlepuff Help?

I plan to provide value through this website in two primary ways.

  1. Tutorials, walkthroughs, tool reviews, etc.
  2. Direct services

Tutorials, Walkthroughs and more

Sometimes all a person needs is a push in the right direction, and he can figure out the path himself. For those who just need correct guidance and direction to set up their websites, I will provide tutorials of all aspects of website creation, both video and text based(tutorials will be launching soon). This tutorials will majorly be available as free content, available for all to see. I will also create walkthrough guides to show ins and outs of the processes and tools.

I will also be giving reviews and recommendations of the tools I use and find valuable.

Direct Services

While tutorials can guide a person, they definitely are not the easiest solution. Sometimes, one needs an experienced(relatively) eye to locate the mistake or bug that is right before the eye. Some people are just not that into computers, mobiles and other gadgets, let alone creating a website. They can trust me with creating a website that is right for them.

I am pleased to inform that I have already started making website for clients. I currently have two running projects, one of them is really close to finish and can announce its launch within a few days.

The services I provide will include but are not limited to:

  1. Web-design
  2. Logo design
  3. Branding consultation
  4. Troubleshooting
  5. And more…

Want to know more?

Wow! I am really excited you are willing to want to know more(willing to want to know more, is that grammatically correct?), and I will tell you more soon. I really want to keep this post short, we will further discuss about Hustlepuff in coming posts. Till then, you can sign up to my emails from the form below(from the form below, I like that sound 😀 ), and I will update you as soon as a new blog post hits the web. I hope you come back tomorrow for more. Till then, Cya!

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