Can An Entrepreneur Be A Part of Multiple Ventures Successfully?

I have started writing for this blog, while I was making websites for a couple of clients. At the same time, I am also rebuilding Kalaeco’s website (which is growing in concept everyday), and I am thinking of a potential web series idea. And that doesn’t stop there. I am also about to START a new journey next week (will announce details soon). So the question is, can an entrepreneur be a part of multiple ventures? And can he do it successfully, i.e., without compromising on his productivity for each of the ventures?

A Personal Affair

The first thought that comes to my mind with this question is: ‘Sure, why not?’

But it clearly depends on the person in context. One entrepreneur may easily juggle between different tasks and focus equally and completely on each and everyone of them. But at the same time, another one may just be most productive when he or she is working on a single project with full focus. Adding a project or task will break the focus and compromise the quality of output.

Priorities Matter

But, the fact that needs to be kept in mind is that the priorities matter. If I am juggling between Kalaeco, Hustlepuff, and any other venture, I must know for sure what my priorities are. There can be good days when all projects get equal attention. But when there isn’t any time, or the workload is high, it is wiser to set a level of priority, and decide accordingly, which one is more practical to follow and what is the priority of the moment.

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