Hustlepuff’s 1st Client Site – Speaking Stones, Is Live Now!

Since I started writing blogs on this website, I have been constantly telling that the first client website of Hustlepuff as a web designer, is about to be launched. Well, the time is finally here. A few hours ago, the first client website of Hustlepuff, ‘Speaking Stones’ was launched softly with their Special Rakhi Collection. Below, I will write a short introduction about them.

About Speaking Stones

Speaking Stones is an Art Curator and Art Store which hosts variety of artforms in its catalogue. From hand drawn paintings to complex Indian Traditional Arts and even ceramics can be found on their website. They host artworks of about 5 artists on their website. Recently they also launched their special Rakhi Collection with the website, where they sell handmade and personalised Rakhis deliverable almost all through the nation.

OMG! That really sounded like a promotion. It wasn’t. Don’t worry.

About the website

I told you about the business, now I will tell you about the website itself. As in what are some interesting trivia about the website. What was the process like, and more such stuff.

We started working on the website about 5 months ago. We had a basic structure of the website planned out. What the website will have, how it will flow in terms of user engagement, it was all decided. But the appearance of the website was a bit hazy back then.

The Logo

Speaking Stones Client Site Logo

The Logo of this business is also designed by me. And once again, it had several rough drafts. From a stone with face to a pot filled with stones, there were a lot of ideas, that just did not click through. Harsha, the founder of Speaking Stones wanted a logo that felt artistic and handmade. So I thought, what can be more handmade than handwriting. The Written part of the logo has been handwritten by Harsha herself. Actually written multiple times and out of them, I ‘crafted’ the best letters and joined them to form a logo.

The icon has an interesting story in itself as well. It forms a flower with four petals. But looking closely, it is two ‘S’s, laid down perpendicular to each other from the centre. This ‘S’ as actually emerged out of Harsha’s signature too. And eventually, this logo was finalised.

Who is the website for?

This website is suitable for any art lover, especially art forms like pottery, painting, traditional Indian arts, etc. You can browse through the artists’ gallery and also buy artworks to decorate your space.

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