Good News Coming Up! Soon!

I received a call today. A call that made me happy and relieved. It made me feel secure. And it made me feel positive and optimist again. Don’t get me wrong, I never was and probably never will be a pessimist, but it is so hard to hold on to optimism in times like these.

Regardless, I am optimistic again. #AchchheDinAayeinge!

Coming back to the topic, I cannot disclose the news yet, because some minute elements are still in operations for the announcement to be legit. But the people who know me closely, might have guessed by now what I might be talking about.

Aah! It is hard to keep a secret!

Okay, I will tell you, I am in the line to be the POTUS 😀 For people who are not familiar, POTUS stands for President of The United States. I think I can be a close contender against Kanye West. Just kidding, he stands no chance against me.

Hmm, I just wanted to make this announcement real quick here. #EkTeerSeDoNishane 😀

Rest is regular, 31 Day Blogging Challenge, Sign up for updates, comment, etc. See Ya!

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