The Kalaeco Chronicles – 1 – The Cleaning Up

Hola dear friends! As I mentioned in yesterday’s post. I will be rebuilding, restructuring, reorganising, redesigning and relaunching Kalaeco over the period of this week. Today was Day 1 of the task. And it was all about Cleaning Up. What do I mean, you ask? Wait! I will tell you.

The Accumulated Junk

I first made Kalaeco’s existing version back in late 2018(launched in January 2019). And while it seems like a small period, the website had a lot of files. The Kalaeco Store itself had over 50 products with more than 1000 variations between them. Each with its own image, which honestly, was nothing but Junk. Moreover, over the period of a little over a year and a half, I switched web hosting for the website, which, as a byproduct, created multiple copies of those images. Yes. you are right. Absolutely right. It was a lot of files to check.

Yes, I said a lot of files to check. Because not all files were meant to be deleted. From the ~2500 images, ~110 were actually required at various places in the website. So I had to carefully delete each picture. And since deleting large folders and files is not easy with websites, I had to keep a LOT of patience. (I have it. Not to worry).

The Redundancies

Over the past year and a half, I had tried a variety of plugins to work well with Kalaeco and Kalaeco Store websites. And while some of them were good. A few of them were not as good. They were active anyhow, leading to redundancies and duplications in operations.

I got rid of those plugins too.

What Next?

The next steps are fairly simple (and a lot). For starters, I need to repopulate the store.

Wait! Didn’t i say I cleaned it up? Yes sure I did. I cleaned it up with the intention to repopulate with no junk (or as less as possible)

Apart from that, I need to cross-check the structure of all the existing pages and any interlink if required (Restructuring). I will need to add missing pages and details to all product pages (rebuilding). Properly categorise the products, events, posts, etc. (Reorganising). Doing a re-styling of pages and posts(Redesigning) and finally relaunching the website.

Simple, isn’t it?

I will keep you updated, not to worry. If you want priority updates, sign up with the form below.

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