Off Topic – About Fears, Expansion and Dependencies

I often feel that there is a stage in business, where you can not manage it all alone. And you will need support and help of other well-wishing friends and family members. Apart from them, there is also a need for some like-minded people with a similar passion for the work that you do and are ready for working with you in making dreams that you saw, true.

But when is that moment?

When can you be sure that it is the right time to bring in more people?

Because if you bring them in sooner than require, it can just be a case of too many cooks. Or a big blunder and a failure of management on your part.

Let’s Talk Fear

I don’t know about everyone, but I often feel I will lose it all. I will fail miserably at the business that I love. I will lose all the relations that I made, and I will just fall flat on my face and mess everything up. I fear that I will be insufficient with my efforts and in that, I eventually fill myself up with doubts and further fears.

I, perhaps, am confusing myself in the bookish definitions of fears and doubts. But for further reference, let us be clear that in this piece, I might use them interchangeably, or separately. So, you might have to try to understand. If anything is unclear, shoot me up in the comments, and we can clear it up. (another trick to make you write a comment)

How do I get rid of this fear? How do I be sure that I am getting into the task or the operation with the right intent to do the right thing? I don’t think there is ‘a way’. I don’t think there needs to be ‘a way’. I think fear is essential. I think fear makes the process more fun. Because if there wouldn’t be anything to lose, what would be at stake to make the process thrilling?

And this fear will grow as we expand. Wider we spread, the stronger the fear. (I might be wrong in it. After all, I have just begun too.)

Expanding with the Fear

Living with fear, it is essential to expand as well. It is necessary to leave out that comfort zone of ours and step into the damp lands of uncertainties. I think (I am ‘thinking’ a lot in today’s post) it is a way to tackle the fears too. As they say, you can only be afraid of something only once(this is a movie dialogue, so read it with a grain of salt). Also, once we ‘start’ the fear somehow slows down as well.

The expansion I refer to here is not just the expansion in term of business and its scale, but also the expansion of one’s own comfort zone. It can mean adding that extra lap in your daily running routine. Or adding an extra kilogram or two to your regular bench press weight. Or it could mean writing another piece of content every week. (Or writing a content piece every day for 31 days).

The fact of the matter, Expansion is Essential. And that we will do. But expanding means widening your reach as well. You need to be accountable to someone for the lap that you took. Or you may need someone to spot you for the extra weight that you decided to lift. or you may need to engage more people with the content you like. And somewhere, that leads into dependencies.

Talking about businesses, adding more people in the mix will also add along with it a certain degree of dependency on those people.

About Dependencies

To be as clear as possible, I think dependencies can be explained as the feeling when you want to accomplish/achieve/ do something. But you just cannot start/proceed/complete the task without certain help from someone who is not you. An environmental factor, a person, your suppliers, your marketers, or even results of your previous actions.

One has to depend on certain factors for the actions that he takes today.

Every action that a human does is powered by either cause or effect. You do something so that you get something or not get something. OR you do something because you did something that needs this thing to be done to be clear or complete. Even if a person does something that he wants to do just because he wants to do, it is driven by a reason, a ‘because’. And if someday, there is not a ‘because’. He might do something else. I am writing because I have a pull of writing every day for a month. If I had not given this challenge to myself, I might not be writing this article.

So, dependencies are there. Always. And there shouldn’t be a reason to avoid them. But one can try to limit them. For example, as in my case, I prefer the dependencies to be internal and not external. I would not want to depend on actions or results of something that is not in my control. I would like to mould the dependencies to my benefit if I can. How can I achieve this? That is a mystery as of now. Hopefully soon, it won’t be.

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