Do You Need A Website?

Do You Need A Website? Yes You Definitely Do!

I have started this website a few days ago to talk about website design and development, along with talking about all my business ventures. And just like I started this website, you can start your own website too. But you must be wondering why do you even need a website? Read this post completely to get a clearer picture of the need for your own website and how can you actually get one.

Just before you proceed reading below, this blog post is geared towards generating awareness in a specific section of audience. If you are a small business owner(even under development), aspiring or professional artist (writer, author, poet, painter, sculptor, performer, dancer, etc.); you will find the most value in this article.

If you are a curious individual who just started learning about the beautiful world of website design, you may find it helpful too.

However, if you don’t fall in any of the above category, you might not benefit as much from the post, but you may continue to read if you want(who am I to reject a perfectly beautiful pair of eyes reading my blog post (*winks*).

What is a Website?

Well, this is a kind of ‘Duh!’ question for most of us. But still, even if there is a single person who does not have a clear idea about what a website is, I will explain.

A website is basically a page or a set of pages on the world wide web, a.k.a. the Internet which is accessible through a browser, using a link or a website address(the URL or Unique Resource Locator). And by that logic, Hustlepuff is a website, Facebook is a website, Google is a website. Basically, every other tab you have opened on this device, is, a website.

Consider the whole world wide web a giant piece of land. On this land, websites are the houses where people live. Small and big, with varying colour and types. Just like a website.

This website is the place where artists can showcase their artwork (image form, of course), poets can showcase their poetry, authors can list their books, and businessmen can create a web interface to interact with their customers.

Most Visited Website on the Internet
Did you know? is the most visited website on the internet?

Wait! Instagram is a website? So You have a website?

Nope. Not exactly. Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, or any social media where you have an account is a website. But it is not your website.

Think of it this way. You go to a friend’s house to play or study. You may have a few of your stuff, like toys, books and even clothes at your friend’s place. But still, it is not your place. Now pardon me if you are a ‘Jo Tera Hai, Wo Mera Hai’ kind of friend.

These websites are owned by big companies who regularly add and remove features, change rules, and control everything (even your data).

What about Blogger and

Yes. those too. All free blogging platforms are not exactly ‘your’ websites.

These can be seen as your aunt’s place where you live, and have all your stuff, don’t pay the rent and you actually call it home. But try breaking one of your Aunt’s rule (or even that expensive vase), and you are out of your ‘Home Sweet Home’.

So, while your beautiful websites with ‘’ or ‘’ domain names, have your name on them, they are not exactly ‘your’ websites.

Yes, websites like WordPress(.com) and Wix, do provide a paid upgrade and buying that upgrade may make your website your own, depending on the plan that you buy.

Now, What are Domain Names?

As I mentioned, the world wide web has a lot of websites, in lakhs. Now to know which website to show to the user, any browser will need some sort of identification, which is unique to the desired website. Domain names are what a browser uses to fetch the correct website to a user. is the domain name for Facebook. is the domain name for Instagram. is the domain name for this website, is the domain name for my personal portfolio. And much more like this.

Think of it as an address. You want to reach at a friends house, and you haven’t visited that friend yet. You will need an address to locate the correct city, locality, apartment and flat to find your friend.

We’ll discuss about domain names in detail here.

How can You Get A Website?

Hmm. That is a very simple question, with a relatively long answer. I can see you are interested in knowing about the subject and I love it. I am more than happy to tell you the process, but not in this post. Let’s do this. You write down what you liked the most in this article, and I will see you in the next post with a list of ways you can get your own website. To not miss the blog post, you can sign up for updates through the form below.

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